Winner of Spring AHS Haiga Kukai: Seasonal

Greetings haiku poets,

I would like to thank everyone who entered into the spirit of this image kukai and I feel it has been a great success. There are many fine poems using various haiku techniques and subjects linking to the image.  What I would like to do is talk briefly about my selection and the things that appeal to me. The very best haiga are strong in image and haiku, each can stand alone, but something special is created by their merging together.

I would also like to thank the AHS committee for making this event possible and allowing me to showcase some of my favourite images. The real reward is I get to choose from the selected haiku some worthy winners and I hope this has made it a fun event for all.

Warm regards,

Ron C. Moss

First Place

some coolness still
deep in the buds

Marietta McGregor

A classic haiku that continues to resonates after many readings. There’s a feeling of a spring coolness, coupled with something deep and hidden, but with the promise of the sun’s warmth in a passing shower. The linking is there, but without a direct illustration of the image. The Japanese have a saying about writing to an image that means, not too close, not too far. 

Second Place 

those dark spots
on dad’s lungs

Florin C. Florian

Here we have a very subtle link through an association in the very best tradition of the classical renku technique of a strong shift in subject matter. In this case we have something very much involved in the realms of life and death. But it’s a powerful statement of renewal when coupled with blooming, and also the water of life with the raindrops.

Honourable Mentions

first spring day
on the florist’s trolley
melting snow

Marta Chocilowska

The haiku creates something unexpected and not seen in the image, with the mention of melting snow. The chill of spring is still in the air and we wonder about the florist who owns the trolley. The snow is melting but the blooms thrive with tender care and they have been lovingly wrapped ready for sale.

lips held tight
a goldfish rises
to kiss the air

Gregory Piko

This one is filled with fun and is very creative with a very strong change of direction from the image. The shapes of the tulip blooms and the water drops give us the initial link, but when we look closer we can also see the colours and the upward rising direction of the blooms.

flower stall
all the colours of spring
in a dewdrop

Nathan Sidney

Ah yes, the classical dewdrop is used in a many a fine verse, and in this case it is coupled nicely with all the colours of spring. A universe in a dew drop indeed – Issa and Blake would enjoy this one.

Ron C. Moss



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