Bindii Japanese Genre Poetry Group Meeting 1 October 2016

The Bindii group met at 12.30, at the Box Factory, 59 Regent St South, Adelaide.

Belinda Broughton gave a comprehensive workshop on haiga. She started with a PowerPoint presentation that included examples of the different styles of haiga, from the traditional Japanese forms and simple brush drawings to modern photo haiga and many other examples, such as collage. Belinda also showed some of her own haiga in different styles, including some on rice paper, and sketch book notes, and others that had been derived from her photos, or sketched electronically in various computer programs.

Various viewpoints about haiga were discussed, chiefly differing in relation to the closeness of text to image that each considered to be desirable.

The workshop then went to the practical aspect of constructing a haiga. Members were provided with blank sheets of paper and writing instruments (pencil and black Texta). We were asked to make a series of marks on the different sheets that depicted our own ideas of various states and emotions. For our first effort, we were asked to imagine the flight of a butterfly and make a track with our pencil across the paper showing that flight. Other examples were: anger, silence, a violin playing over snow covered hills, grass swaying in the wind.

After we each produced several sheets of sketched marks, we were asked to match these with some haiku Belinda had provided. The aim was to match the emotion depicted by the marks with the emotion expressed in the selected matching haiku.

After members has spent some time working on their examples, and writing the haiku on the image sheets, Belinda collected a couple of pieces of work from each member and spread them out together for us to examine.

It was interesting to see and learn from the variety displayed.

The last section of the meeting involved members presenting some images they had brought, and then writing some haiku/senryu on the whiteboard, so that possible imagery could be discussed. Belinda made some suggestions and other members of the group also threw in ideas.

This was a very successful information session for members.

Belinda was thanked for all the work she had put into this presentation and the creative workshop she had devised.

Members and visitors attending: Lee Bentley, Lynette Arden, Dawn Colsey, Maeve Archibald, Athena Zaknic, Sara Abend-Sims, Belinda Broughton, Ervin Janek, Maria Roez, Rosemary Winderlich, Julia Wakefield.

Apologies: Margaret Fensom, Annie Fox.

Next Meeting: Saturday 3 December. Details will be notified.

The meeting ended at 2.30

Lynette Arden

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