breath —
a thousand eucalypts
and me

John Bird


The first line, if we like, may be read as a meditation in itself . . . in the very least, the dash invites us to dwell upon the word


such is the tenuous hold we have on life, one of the primordial rhythms of living things, fundamental to body and mind . . . How complimentary the breath of animals and the breath of plants, reminding us of the interconnectedness of all things.  How invigorating to be breathing among a thousand eucalypts.  One gets a clear impression here of a unity between person and trees; breathing in, breathing out . .  .  There is nothing like a walk through a forest to lift our spirits, places where we can reconnect with the natural world and so with ourselves

a thousand eucalypts
and me

a breath of fresh air

First Published: Windfall, Issue 1, 2013

Selection & comments by Simon Hanson

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