Poems to Wear

Poems to Wear: from Japan and Australia

Selections and commentary by Noriko Tanaka, translations by Amelia Fielden and Saeko Ogi
Ginninderra Press, 2016

“Poems to Wear is a wonderful collection – brilliantly conceived, beautifully written . . . Part 1 contains haiku and tanka by modern and contemporary Japanese poets and Part 2 contains haiku and tanka by Australian poets.  The poets are at their imaginative best . . .  they collect observations from the world of attire and present the reader with poems both thought provoking and a pleasure to read . . . the result is vivid work, animated and illuminated . . .”

(from the blurb)   Patricia Prime, editor of Kokako


a goldfish
born from the flames
the slender streams
of my summer obi

Tanaka, Noriko

a coral ornament
in the matron’s hair –
sparrow wind

Mitsuhashi, Takajo

you gave me
rhinestones to wear
at the ball
so many Christmas beetles
outside the hall that night

Hazel Hall

new party dress
four-year-old fizzes
into fairyland

Glenys Ferguson

Poems to Wear: 108 pages, 112 poets.  Cost is $10 per copy plus postage.  Orders and enquiries to Amelia Fielden anafielden@gmail.com

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