cleaning windows …
in its webbed corner
a spider glistens

Jan Dobb


Haiku typically invite us to pause and take notice of something that has caught the poet’s attention, whatever that may be.  It is so easy for us in our busy lives to miss things worthy of appreciation nor could we in reality for the world is brim full of such things.  On first reading I enjoyed pausing with the poet (engaged in a bit of spring cleaning) to notice this spider and its web in a little world of its own otherwise hidden from our view.  It reminded me of the myriad ‘little worlds’ we are surrounded by; hidden in curled leaves, under stones, nestled behind loose pieces of bark, tucked away inside hollow logs, where little lives are quietly lived generally unknown to us as we pass by.  It then occurred to me that the spider too might be engaged in a bit of cleaning as spiders are inclined to do, maintaining its web glistening in this sunny corner of the window, cleaning the tiny windows of its web . . . ah
Now the dilemma; what to do with that spider and its beautiful web – options abound.

First Published: A Hundred Gourds 4:3 June 2015

Selection & comments by Simon Hanson

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