Haiku Workshop by Julia Wakefield

28 January 2017 Haiku Workshop by Julia Wakefield

The workshop, held at the Box Factory Community Centre in Adelaide, from 1 – 3 pm, was attended by ten people, of whom eight had not attended a Bindii workshop previously.

Julia started off by discussing what made a good haiku and distributed examples and some guidelines for attendees to read. There was some discussion about the examples and what each haiku meant to the various participants.

Julia then moved to a brief overview of the guidelines for writing haiku. There was some discussion as to what certain guidelines meant, for example the 5/7/5 rule, which has been discarded outside Japan, and the options for writing in three lines or other variants. The various formats were examined to see if a haiku written in one style, such as one line, would be just as effective if transferred to three lines. The use of the phrase/fragment composition technique was discussed in some detail, with examples.

Julia then moved to a discussion of haiku styles, using the categories chosen by World Haiku Review of Neo-Classical, Shintai and Vanguard. Participants were asked to look at some haiku examples, pick a favourite to discuss and select one of these categories to place the haiku.

After a break for afternoon tea, some practical exercises were distributed and participants read out some of their results, with some suggestions for improvement being made by Julia and others.

After the workshop, some details were given of Bindii meetings and it is hoped that some of the participants will be interested in attending.

Thanks to Julia for a relaxed and informal workshop that increased the knowledge of participants and will hopefully lead them to compose many excellent haiku.

Lynette Arden

Co-Convener Bindii Japanese Genre Poetry Group



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