Winner of Autumn 2017 AHS Haiga Kukai: Seasonal

Park (002)

autumn rain
the blurred pattern
of falling light

 Jenny Fraser

First Place

I really enjoyed the mood and interplay of light suggested in this haiku. It works very well with the image and sets the scene to explore the different layers in the haiku and the B&W image. There is also a clever use of language and ‘falling light’ and ‘blurred patterns’ capture the feeling right away and draw one into the scene. Jenny Fraser has written a fine haiku that combines very well with the image to create a successful haiga.

Second Place

 in the rain
the space between us
dappled light

 Lorraine Haig 

Lorraine Haig has created a haiku that stimulates the senses and brings into focus elements that are in the image. The mystery it evokes by the use of the ‘space between’ leads us to wonder about the relationships that are involved. There are elements of separation all through this haiku ‘in the rain’, ‘the space between’ and ‘dappled light’. This draws us further into the image to look for more clues and brings about a connection with words and the image that works well in a haiga.

Honourable Mentions

old path
the familiar shades
of a life

 Nathan Sidney

This haiku by Nathan Sidney forms a poetic bridge to the image and each element is the richer for the collaboration. Our lives have many shades of light and dark and this is demonstrated in a graphic sense in the image through the person walking on a path, representing a journey in life.

by myself
i can be nobody
gentle rain 

Sandi Pray

This haiku by Sandi Pray has a lovely cadence and when read with the image the words dance together  with a musicality that is hard to achieve in a haiga. I can almost hear the tones of many of the Beatles’ later classics and I’m reminded of their excellent songs by Sandi’s eight words in the context of this image.

Ron C. Moss

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