Report on Bindii Japanese Genre Poetry Group Meeting: 7 October 2017

Our follow up haibun workshop presented by Maeve Archibald was an opportunity to share the haibun written from the prompts provided at our August workshop. Six members attended and read work on a variety of subjects that had stimulated their imagination. Helpful critique and suggestions followed each reading.

As a further follow up, Lee Bentley, liaising with Maeve, will intermittently email some writing stimulus ideas to members. It is hoped that this will provide some continuity between our bimonthly meetings.Members are requested to think about the kind of program they would like in 2018 so this can be discussed further at the next meeting.

Lee will provide a separate report on the Bindii sponsored Langhorne Creek Haiku Competition for schools. Lee has just finished judging the entries for this year’s competition. The report will be posted as a separate item.

Present: Maeve Archibald, Lynette Arden, Dawn Colsey, Lee Bentley, Lindy Warrell and Sara Abend-Sims.

Apologies: Margaret Fensom, Athena Zaknic, Julia Wakefield.

End of Year meeting on Saturday 2 December: we decided to have a combined workshop and party meeting at the Box Factory venue. Members are invited to bring some shared lunch at the usual starting time of 12.30 pm and their own poetry in any of the Japanese genres for sharing and/or critique.

Lee will email further details to members closer to the time of the meeting.

The workshop finished at 2.30 pm.

Minutes taken by Lynette Arden 7 October 2017




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