AHS Spring Haiga Kukai: Non Seasonal Results with comments by judge Ron Moss


First Place

silence a haunting in the archives of a sigh

-Lorin Ford

Haiku that resonate more with every reading do not reveal themselves at first glance, they require a deeper investigation. This haiku fascinated me from the first reading and I found an instant connection between silence and the film equipment. Then we have the wonderful a haunting in the archives of a sigh… splendid! One could draw many meanings and connections, but for me the capturing of memories is the haunting from the past and the mention of a sigh their emotional content. This becomes a powerful mix of juxtaposition and intrigue.

Second Place

rush hour the train station cornea by cornea

-Alan Summers

Another fine one-line haiku and the wonderful use of cornea by cornea to focus on the mirroring qualities of all the elements at play. We can read many different links and connections into the glass lenses in the image and the humans on board the train. With the movement in the haiku we are taken along by the swirling effect of the train as it rushes past.


Highly Commended

just married …
my grandparents’ glassy gaze
on the lens

-Elisa Allo

A lovely family moment with different sorts of reflections. The words glassy gaze add a musicality to the haiku and link very well with the image without it being a direct illustration. So many generations pass by and the capturing of moments with a photograph is timeless.


old photos
the light of laughter
through the lens

-Lorraine Haig

A nice play with words and we are left to wonder about the light of laughter and the different connections and feelings for the writer. Early photographs were often called light paintings and they continue to this day to fascinate us in so many ways.


old photo album…
a lightning flash
before the brownout

-Billy Antonio

A lovely expression of colour and action and the moments captured in time on film.
Old photo albums are a treasure in our digital age and many flashes of emotion are brought about by their treasured contents.

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