my old dog dawdles
the slower we walk
the more I see

Julia Wakefield


Selection and comments by Lynette Arden

This haiku evokes a charming scene of companionship between human and dog. Julia uses ‘old’ to describe her dog. The longer the companionship, the deeper.

We are to assume the human learns from affection and caring and from the dog’s approach to life. Unlike a human, rushing from one commitment to another, the dog takes the opportunity to savour what life offers, the joys of each moment and day. Each walk is an adventure into both the familiar and the unfamiliar, full of sensory stimulation.

Merely walking with the dog and letting the dog walk at his own pace forces the human to either become impatient, or to tune in and observe. Julia chooses the latter, an enriched experience of life.

‘The slower we walk / the more I see’, says Julia. The rhythm of the words in the haiku is appropriate to the subject, a regular pace, slowing towards the finish.

We can all relate to the ideas expressed in this haiku, for Julia the chance to see and experience is more significant than for most, as she is a practising visual artist.

As we all age, we too may slow down in our rush through life and concentrate more on appreciating what lies around us.

Portia for haiku

Haiku first published in Haiku Bindii – Willow Light, 2015

Feel free to visit Julia’s website

Lynette Arden

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