Members’ News, March 2018

In this latest journey around the sun the Autumn equinox has passed for us in The Land Down Under. How deeply ingrained are our notions of up & down and of north & south that we sometimes forget there is no up or down on a sphere spinning in space. North is no more up than is South and the maps and globes that suggest otherwise are somewhat misleading. Such notions have their origins in the northern hemisphere where they have been known to embellish the N on maps and compasses with extra significance. Even today some people will tell you with certainty that a compass points north seeming to forget that a compass needle has two points not one, and following the lines of the Earth’s magnetic field these point north-south or south-north if you prefer. Now where were we, oh yes, the Autumn Kukai.

Autumn Kukai

We extend our sincere thanks to all who participated. It is always a pleasure to have poets from around the globe involved in our events. It is heartening also to see our list of followers to this website increase during these events as they invariably do. A special thanks also to Ron Moss who has supplied these intriguing and artful images and who is now contemplating the many and varied offerings to make a final selection. You can revisit all submissions in the non- seasonal category and in the seasonal category. Enjoy.

Echoes of Flight by Jane Williams

On a shining autumn morning in March, a group of friends gathered at the bushland picnic spot, Waterworks Reserve, to celebrate the launch of Jane Williams’ first haiku collection. We were joined by two young kookaburras who perched in an overhead branch listening intently and joining in with chuckles at the appropriate moments. Jane provided us with freshly baked muffins and cups of tea, and a wonderful reading from Echoes of Flight. Lyn Reeves then led a short ginko through the surrounding bushland after quoting poet Mary Oliver’s advice to ‘Pay attention, be astonished, tell about it’. We returned to the hut to share observations and haiku and more delicious muffins.

By Lyn Reeves

Jane Williams echoes launch

Echoes of Flight is published by Ginninderra Press. You can read an extract from Lyn Reeves’ launch speech here.

Martin Lucas Haiku Award 2017

Presence have announced the results of the annual Martin Lucas Haiku Award for 2017 with this year’s selections made by Simon Chad. Among those selected Ron C. Moss was commended with

star glow
a sugar-glider joey
sticky with sap

Ron C. Moss


Sandra Simpson from New Zealand, with no less than three haiku among this years results gained first place with

skylark song –
the name on her headstone
almost gone

Sandra Simpson


You can read all the selections and judge’s comments here

Shamrock Readers’ Choice Awards 2017

As voted by readers and contributors the following haiku appearing in issue # 37 issue was selected best haiku for 2017

Southern ocean
white horses
wander the wilderness

Simon Hanson


Appearing in issue # 36 and Runner-up in the award was:

morning drizzle
a wagtail shimmies
on the gatepost

Gavin Austin

All selected haiku and senryu can be accessed here

You might also like to browse Shamrock’s extensive archives dating back to 2007.

Snapshot Press Haiku Calendar Awards for 2018

Congratulations to Jane Williams for being selected the winner for the month of May with ‘spring afternoon’, to Vanessa Proctor as the winner for the month of July with ‘summer clouds’  and to Lyn Reeves as the winner for the month of October with ‘that distant ridge’.

Snapshot Haiku Calendar results

British Haiku Society Awards 2017

The British Haiku Society Awards for 2017 judged by Vanessa Proctor and Robert Moyer have been announced. Congratulations to Marietta McGregor who received an Honourable Mention for:

cycle paint shop
on the touch-up man’s hands
every kid’s bike

Marietta McGregor


You can read all selected haiku and judges’ comments here


Creatrix Haiku Prize for 2017 & The Creatrix Occasional Prize for 2018

Among the awarded for the Creatrix Haiku Prize for 2017 were:

First Prize

at the outdoor cinema
so many stars

Jan Napier


Second Prize

grave offering
her tiny palms cup
the dead finch

Gavin Austin



visiting rights
the sky between two

Gavin Austin


first day of school
the silence
in our street

Marilyn Humbert


All results can be accessed here

To mark the ten year anniversary of Creatrix the “Occasional Prize” was awarded to Nathalie Buckland for:

argument –
the path divides around
a single trunk

Nathalie Buckland

Occasional Prize

And Congratulations Creatrix for ten years of wonderful haiku! Looking forward to the next ten . . .

Santoka International Haiku and Haiga Contest

Congratulations to Ron C. Moss who has received a Highly Commended for his haiga in the 1st edition of the Santoka international haiku and haiga contest.

Groups and Gatherings

Feel free to catch up on the latest happenings with some of the regional groups

White Pebbles Haiku Group

Mari Warabiny

Red Kelpie

Red Dragonflies

Other News

Lyn Reeves co-convened a haiga workshop with artist Desiree Fitzgibbon to a small group of women who were mostly new to haiku. Lyn also presented a workshop to Oasis Women’s Poetry Group on how some of the features of haiku can enhance the writing of poetry.

Sharpening the Green Pencil contest results & collection has been published containing many wonderful haiku.

Sondra Brynes from Arizona in the US visited Australia in February and March and met haiku poets in Melbourne, Sydney and Hobart.

Myron Lysenko delivered a lecture on ‘Seventeen Ways of Looking at a Haiku” to students and tutors at the University of Melbourne on March 26th.

Publishing Opportunity

The Fishing Cat Press is pleased to announce the launch of


an international journal to share the spirit of haiku

The objective of seashores is to share haiku from all over the world and explore how the way and the spirit of haiku, with its power to connect us to nature and our world can play a role in poetry and our lives in general.

Editorial team: Paul Chambers ( and Gilles Fabre (Haiku Spirit) with the contribution of David Burleigh.

You may go to to view more information on seashores including content and the biographies of the editors.

Twitter: @haikuspirit Facebook: Haiku Spirit Web site:


This Members’ News has been posted by Simon Hanson

Thank you all for your many contributions, they are most appreciated.

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