AHS Autumn 2018 Haiga Kukai: Non Seasonal Results with comments by judge Ron Moss



First Place

lingering here – all my previous lives

Sheila K. Barksdale

The image I selected for the Kukai had an interesting collection of items lit by early morning sunlight in the curiosity shop window. The winning haiku connects deeply with the image without using description. Instead it immediately sets the scene for more investigation and wonder. The unusual one line construction with a break in the middle adds a visual element that focuses on the evocative “lingering here’’. The ancient symbols of everlasting life glow and glitter and are reflected in the haiku. Much is achieved with only six words and as with all good haiga we can move back and forwards between the haiku and image and discover that they create something unique together.

Second Place

collecting dust
the alchemy
of time

Myra King

So much is collected here in this evocative haiku and it works seamlessly with the image. The lovely “alchemy of time” conjures up so many connections with the image. Many of us collect treasures that have great meaning to us, and the passing of time and the “collecting of dust” show us the impermanence of life. There is indeed much alchemy in the symbols and ornaments in the image and I’m still finding things I have not seen before. This haiku reveals many treasures.

Highly Commended

garage sale
in the worn poetry book
a love dedication

Marina Bellini

Who doesn’t love a good garage sale with all manner of junk and collectables to be found there? Here we have a treasured item in a worn poetry book and we are immediately drawn to the mention of a love dedication. Combined with the image it adds a touch of the exotic to the story and we are left to wonder about the people involved.

Highly Commended

tinkling bell—
the aroma of incense
fills the air

Barbara Kaufmann

The senses are fully explored in this delightful haiku and although we cannot see the wisps of incense smoke in the image, the Middle Eastern items take us to a timeless land. We also have the sound of the tinkling bell that connects us to the image and all the treasured items. Everything combines to create a mood and setting to tantalise us.

Highly Commended

the leanness
of the saint’s right hand
the warmth of brass

Garry Eaton

This haiku allows us to feel a great deal through the sense of touch and we are drawn into a scene of reverence and benevolence. The religious and spiritual symbols in the image add layers to the vision of the saint and a leanness that might have come from the devoted’s austere life.

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