Report on Bindii Japanese Genre Poetry Group meeting: 4 August 2018

Haiku Workshop: Haiku: Beyond the Basics

Lynette Arden presented some ideas to extend us beyond the usual guidelines provided for writing haiku in English.

Japanese thought:

wabi sabi

  1. how it originated
  2. concepts used in haiku

Terms such as yugen and karumi (karumi as discussed by Susumu Tachiguchi (in World Haiku Review)

Martin Lucas in his essay Haiku as poetic spell: argues that haiku in the West has concentrated too much on content and must also look to the poetic element of haiku, as in the value of words and how they are used.

Beyond the Haiku Moment: Basho, Buson & Modern Haiku Myths
Haruo Shirane This basically looks at Japanese haiku as compared to Western and notes that in Japanese a time span can be used, whereas Western haiku are usually flatter. He looks at Japanese practice of imaginative haiku rather than just observational, and cultural and literary references in Japanese haiku. How can these be incorporated in the Western haiku tradition? Season for example is also a cultural reference in Japan. He also argues that urban lifestyle is what we live, not just rural. He talks about the divisions in haiku and senryu in Japan and what happens in the West.

Martin Lucas: Haiku as poetic spell
Haruo Shirane: Beyond the Haiku Moment: Basho, Buson & Modern Haiku Myths
Andrew Juniper: wabi sabi the Japanese art of impermanence (Tuttle Publishing 2003)

After these issues were discussed, members looked at examples of haiku they had researched, and we talked about these in relation to the material we had heard and in relation to our own understanding.
Following the short lunch break, members workshopped their own haiku.

Present: Lynette Arden, Julia Wakefield, Sara Abend-Sims, Margaret Fensom, Dawn Colsey, Maeve Archibald, Roger Higgins.

Apologies: Lee Bentley, Marilyn Linn 

NEXT MEETING: Saturday 6 October: This will be a workshop meeting for members to share and get feedback for their own writing.

Lynette Arden 4 August 2018

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