Members’ News December 2018

Dear Members,

Many thanks for supporting the Australian Haiku Society this year by visiting our website, reading our posts and taking part in our Haiku Strings and Kukai. Our membership is steadily growing and Australian haiku is going from strength to strength. I would like to thank everyone who has continued to share news of their meetings and ginkos with fellow haiku poets and encouraged the enjoyment of haiku. Our Society couldn’t function without the hard work and dedication of our office bearers, in particular Lyn Reeves as Vice President, Simon Hanson as Secretary and Lynette Arden as Webmaster. Our Committee will be taking a break to rest and regenerate until the beginning of February. Wishing you all a very safe, peaceful and creative 2019. I’m excited to see the fine new haiku that the coming year is sure to bring.

Vanessa Proctor

Cattails Australian Bird Feature

Sonam Chhoki has contacted the AHS inviting our members to submit photographs they have taken of Australian land and water birds to feature in the April 2019 issue of the UHTS journal Cattails.

Please send jpg images to both Mike Montreuil and Sonam Chhoki. Be sure to include the following information:

. Your name

. Name of the bird

. Location of the bird (where the image was taken)

Deadline: 1st February 2019
Email image submissions to:
Mike Montreuil :
Sonam Chhoki:
Please direct any questions to Sonam Chhoki.
Changing Light

changing light

A collection of haiku & senryu by Gavin Austin is now available from Alba Publishing. Ordering details can be found at Alba Publishing.

His haiku offer vivid snapshots – both close-up and panoramic – from the vast expanses of Australia’s land, sea and sky; flora and fauna present themselves in surprising and thought provoking ways under his gaze. This is a luminous collection, which I shall return to often.”

Amanda Bell

Groups and Gatherings

Feel free to catch up on the latest reports from our regional groups:

Haiku @ The Oaks

Red Kelpies

Red Dragonflies

Illawong Haiku Group

Watersmeet Spring Ginko

The fledgling Bombora group continues to meet with its dedicated core of members to share and encourage each other in developing their knowledge and enjoyment of haiku.

Summer Solstice String 2018

Thank you all who participated from near and far in our Summer Solstice String – your contributions were enjoyed and appreciated. You can revisit the String here.

Irish Haiku Society International Haiku Contest

Simon Hanson has been awarded second place with –

beyond the reach of light luminous fish

Congratulations also to Gregory Piko for an honourable mention with –

a grub in the bark
the wattlebird’s beak
at the ready


All selected haiku for this and previous years can be found here.

23rd Kusamakura Haiku contest

Congratulations to Jenifer Sutherland for a third prize with:

fallen leaf
an empty boat
on the river

You can a read all selected haiku for 2018 as well as previous years here.

The Haiku Foundation Per Diem

A number of Australian poets are scheduled to feature in The Haiku Foundation Per Diem over January on the theme of Darkness selected by Simon Hanson. You might like to visit THF website to enjoy the theme as it unfolds over the month.


Members’ News compiled by Simon Hanson

Happy New Year!

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