winter twilight
a wave breaks white
on a long grey shore

Ron C. Moss


This is my all-time favourite haiku. I love its sounds and images. Haiku to me is something simple, small and full of imagery. Ron’s poem has all these qualities.

I like the immediacy of this haiku. winter twilight sets the scene and the mood. This is my favourite time of day when light is neither light nor dark. It is a mysterious time of day full of shadows and softness and Ron captures this quietly.

I like the rhyme of light and white which sounds so soothing when read aloud. Ron’s choice of the verb breaks works well here. One can see the white froth spreading fan-like on the shore. The long shore could represent so many beaches around Australia. This one is grey due to twilight.

The haiku gives me a peaceful feeling, so much so I have it on my desk to read during stressful periods. It always works to quieten my mind.

Selection and commentary by Dawn Bruce

wunter gloaming
a swaw braks fite
on a lang gray strand

Ron C. Moss

Scottish Gaelic translation by John McDonald

First Published: [haiga] Haiku Worlds, July 24th, 2007

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