Results: AHS Summer Solstice Haiga Kukai 2020 Non-Seasonal

Judge’s Comments

I have judged the kukai for a number of years now and I’m always honoured to read and savour the many fine poems that are inspired by the images. The winner’s list is always well-considered and I’m pleased to say there are always haiku and senryu that present as special and worthy of particular attention. Thank you one and all for submitting your fine work once again. I would like to award and comment on many more if it were possible. I hope you enjoy these selections and the inspiration and commentary I have found in them.

Ron C. Moss

1st Place

the toddler‘s
first attempt to stand —
guiding light

Michael Smeer


The top three places in this section each have their own finely crafted connections told in different ways and it was difficult to separate them. My final choice for 1st Place is an image that is created with a light but emotional touch of a child’s first moment starting out on their own two feet. There is a most effective and fitting use of link and shift here – in the image of the lighthouse and the poet’s words. We are all on a journey of discovery and hope and the guiding lights help to make us who we are. There comes a time in own journey through life, with all its ups and downs, where hopefully we are able to guide others. I commend Michael for giving us a moment of reflection and deep appreciation. I am reminded of the saying, fall down six times, get up seven – how very true and encouraging for us all.

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