Tuesday 19th March 2019

It is sometimes said that bigger is better but at our first meeting for 2019 it must be said that is not always the case. While unfortunately three of our members Barbara, Gavin and Lana were unable to attend it allowed our small group to spend more time on all things ‘haiku’.

It was originally planned that our meeting be held outdoors at Burnum Burnum Sanctuary, Woronora. However, due to the unpredictable weather it was decided to meet at the very pleasant alternative Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre at Gymea.

Following coffee and some shared cake we began with haiku readings from Ros and Patricia, our two newest recruits. Margaret and I were very impressed to see how much their writing had improved. So much so they have been encouraged to send a submission to Echidna Tracks #3.

To further stimulate discussions I had prepared a handout entitled ‘The Many Faces of Haiku’. We took turns to read selected haiku under the following headings:

  • haiku that arouse an image/memory
  • haiku that stimulate further thought
  • haiku that prompt further research
  • humorous haiku
  • the sound of haiku and
  • the smell of haiku

I was pleased that the haiku that prompted me to further research also brought forth questions from the rest of the group. Fortunately with the help of Wikipedia I came forearmed with the answers. It turned out to be an interesting exercise but of course more ‘haiku faces’ could be added to the list.

Before lunch we just had time to tour the ArtExpress exhibition currently showing at the Gallery. It was nothing short of amazing and possibly the subject of some future haiku from IHG.

Carol Reynolds
Illawong Haiku Group

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