AHS Spring Equinox Haiku String 2019

The Australian Haiku Society welcomes contributions from haiku poets worldwide to the AHS Spring Equinox Haiku String 2019.

The String will remain open for contributions until Wednesday 25th September to accommodate international poets who may wish to take part.

a small hand breaks
through the clouds

Vanessa Proctor

The haiku string has now closed. Please enjoy the contributions.

Haiku String – Instructions

AHS invites you to share with us your original haiku on the theme of Discovery.  We invite you to explore a multiplicity of ideas in the String without using the word ‘discovery’.

The haiku will be linked by the subject Discovery. It is not necessary for each haiku to relate to the one before it.

  1. Please contribute up to three of your best haiku.
  2. Haiku should be posted in the comment box at the end of the post.
  3. Haiku posted must be original work by the poet making the post. Please include your name below each haiku as you wish it to appear.

Posting your work in the AHS Spring Equinox Haiku String 2019 assumes the following:

Copyright of each haiku remains with the author. We request nonexclusive permission to publish your work on AHS website and to republish it in any future online collections on the AHS website.


66 thoughts on “AHS Spring Equinox Haiku String 2019”

  1. new building –
    no spring buds
    on the trees

    the ragged call
    of white-faced herons
    our dog dashes outside

    we hold our breath
    as he blows at the candle
    first birthday

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  2. an old yearbook

    all those scribbled messages

    bottles washed ashore

    Bruce Jewett

    twisted garden hose

    hill of tinder grass— beautiful

    the fading light

    Bruce Jewett

    beneath the ivy
    on the old wooden fence
    arrows and hearts

    Bruce Jewett

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  3. Haiku #1
    on a gravestone…
    the green grass

    Haiku #2
    grey cloud –
    the rising palpitations
    of a little sparrow

    Haiku #3
    downpour –
    the reflection
    In the street light

    – M.S.Chintak

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