Red Dragonflies Autumn Meeting 2020

The autumn meeting of the Red Dragonflies was held on Saturday 7th March at our convener Vanessa Proctor’s home in Pymble, from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm. Our small group: Dawn Bruce, Cynthia Rowe, Willem Tibben and myself was even smaller this meeting because transport problems meant our sixth member, Beverley George, was unable to come. She was much missed.

Red Dragonflies March 2020
L to R: Willem Tibben, Dawn Bruce, Vanessa Proctor, Barbara Fisher and Cynthia Rowe

As usual Vanessa had set some challenging topics for our poems, ranging from responses to International Women’s Day and our horrific summer of drought and bushfires to thoughts on Canberra and what “happens or doesn’t happen there”. An enjoyable feature also of our meetings is our contribution of two anonymous poems each on any subject to the haiku bowl. This always provokes some amusing guess-work and some surprises too.

Barbara Fisher

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