Fringe Myrtles special meeting for International Haiku Day

The Fringe Myrtles held a special meeting on the evening of Friday 17th April to celebrate International Haiku Day. Of course, due to the Covid-19 lockdown, the meeting took place virtually on ZOOM. This was our second virtual meeting since the outbreak of coronavirus, and it is clear that we are managing to adapt fairly quickly (some faster than others!) to the technological demands. One of the sweet ironies of this whole pandemic experience, particularly in relation to social distancing, is that technology is allowing us to keep in contact more frequently than usual. Continue reading “Fringe Myrtles special meeting for International Haiku Day”

Echidna Tracks Submission Reminders

Echidna Tracks will be accepting submissions for Issue 5: Open Theme throughout the month of April. The editors invite your previously unpublished haiku and senryu on any topic that stirs your imagination and that is likely to stir the imaginations of our readers.

Please read the guidelines carefully.

Submissions may be made via the form that will appear on the Submissions page throughout the month of April 2020.

Lynette Arden
Lyn Reeves
Simon Hanson

Echidna SH
Photo by Simon Hanson

Watersmeet Virtual Ginko

Since last year’s “Haiku Windows” event at Fullers Bookshop where Watersmeet members celebrated International Haiku Poetry Day with customers and passers-by, we have continued to meet, interspersing monthly meetings with seasonal ginkos in various places – Cornelian Bay, The Botanical Gardens and Kingston Beach, followed by sharing our haiku over lunch.

photo: Mount Nelson by Ross Coward

The first ginko for this year was planned for 27th March at Mount Nelson. Ross Sampson Coward, our designated leader for the walk, came up with the idea of a virtual ginko. He visited the location, created a mud map and took photographs of the points along the way. He then emailed us:

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International Haiku Poetry Day – Haiku String

Today, 17th April 2020, we are celebrating International Haiku Poetry Day by holding a String on the theme of ‘Solitude’. By sharing our haiku we can connect with each other, even in these days of social distancing, self-isolation and working and studying from home.

So that international poets may take part, the String will remain open until Sunday,19th AEST.

AHS invites you to share with us your original, previously unpublished haiku or senryu on the theme of Solitude.  We invite you to explore a multiplicity of ideas on this theme without necessarily using the word ‘solitude’.

The haiku should be linked by the subject of Solitude. It is not necessary for each haiku to relate to the one before it. Continue reading “International Haiku Poetry Day – Haiku String”

Haiku @ The Oaks, Canberra

Tuesday 14 April 2020

These days one never knows what to expect! The year began with our diaries marking the second Tuesday of each month for Haiku @ The Oaks. Thus, in February and again in March, we enjoyed our usual camaraderie around an old wooden table beneath the trees. Admittedly, in March we exchanged elbow bumps instead of our usual hugs. Far from usual was the growing health uncertainty.

Today the Oaks Brasserie lies silent behind its closed doors. Stay-at-home is the order of the day. How quickly it all came about! We can only dream of the second Tuesday of some future month when again we shall celebrate haiku around a table at The Oaks.

Meanwhile, April was an experiment . . .

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NZPS Competition Open for Entries

The New Zealand Poetry Society Competition for 2020 is now open for entries!

Our competition is open to all members and non-members, worldwide, with members receiving an entry fee discount.

There are cash prizes to be won in each category, and all entries are eligible to be published in our anthology. Our annual anthology includes all placed and commended poems, as well as a selection of other favourite poems from the competition.

Poets can enter one of these four sections:
* Open verse for adults (18 years and over)
* Open verse for juniors (17 years or younger)
* Haiku for adults (18 years and over)
* Haiku for juniors (17 years or younger)

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Celebrate International Haiku Day 17th April, 2020. Advance Notice.

The Australian Haiku Society encourages haiku poets to take part in activities to celebrate International Haiku Poetry Day. As the current situation we find ourselves in means we cannot gather for readings or other haiku events, we will be holding a Haiku String. We welcome haiku poets worldwide to contribute to the String, on the theme of Solitude.

The String will open on Friday 17th April in the Southern Hemisphere and remain open for contributions until Sunday 19th April to accommodate international poets who may wish to take part. Contributions may be made on the website during these dates (not before).