Illawong Isolation Exercising

Illawong Haiku Group usually meets seasonally but during isolation and with the use of modern technology we are staying connected. This is good for our mental health, improving our haiku writing and mentoring our newbies.

Our first exercise was writing a commentary on a selected haiku. The second exercise was writing three haiku on the subject of Covid. The haiku were then compiled into a list and circulated for everyone to rank in order of preference for each writer. The best haiku for each writer resulted in this string:

covid spreads
as dad’s memory shrinks…

Alison Miller


isolation …
the last dodo
looks around

Margaret Ruckert


empty street
teddy bears wait patiently
at the window

Lana Wayne


the sounds of isolation…
peace and quiet

Roslyn Pitt


I dream to stride
the steepest of hills
flattening the curves

Margaret Ruckert


social distancing
my iPhone battery
only 2%

Carol Reynolds


railway car park
two magpies
take up a space

Margaret Mahony

This exercise was a learning curve for some and provided an air of anticipation while awaiting the final result.

We will continue our seasonal meetings when we are able but may stay connected in this way between meetings in the future.

Carol Reynolds

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