Members’ News, April 2020

AHS Haiku String

In celebration of International Haiku Poetry Day on the 17th of April the Australian Haiku Society ran a Haiku String on the timely theme of Solitude. The String attracted a good number of participants and we thank you all sincerely for making the event a great success. If you wish you can revisit the String here.

The Australian Haiku Society – The First 20 Years – A Retrospective

In 2020, we are celebrating twenty years of the Australian Haiku Society, which began in the year 2000. Over the previous few weeks and in weeks to come in our Featured Haiku series, we will be looking back on those twenty years as a way of tracking the journey of haiku in this country. All haiku featured will be sourced from the first three Australian Haiku Anthologies – and stay tuned for a call for submissions for a fourth which will be announced on this site!

Severed Web

The latest chapbook collection of haiku, Severed Web by Hazel Hall with art by Deborah Faeyrglenn published under Picaro Poets is now available through Ginninderra Press at $5.00 & P&P. This thought provoking and refreshing collection glows with that love of the natural world and deep concern for the environment that Hazel is known for. The highly original art by Deborah Faeyrglenn compliments the feeling tone of the poetry beautifully.

all the sunsets
in its heart

Windfall, 2018


the saving grace
of angels

Failed Haiku, January 2017


shooting star
a minute’s silence
for the Earth

Windfall, 2019

Hazel Hall

Proceeds from the launch (9th March) of Severed Web were donated to the care of injured wildlife.
Groups and Gatherings

To catch up on the latest happenings from the regional groups below click on the links:

Fringe Myrtles
Fringe Myrtles (again)

Bombora Haiku Group

Haiku @ The Oaks

The New Zealand Poetry Society Competition

Now open for entries!

Our competition is open to all members and non-members, worldwide, with members receiving an entry fee discount.

There are cash prizes to be won in each category, and all entries are eligible to be published in our anthology. Our annual anthology includes all placed and commended poems, as well as a selection of other favourite poems from the competition.

Poets can enter one of these four sections:
* Open verse for adults (18 years and over)
* Open verse for juniors (17 years or younger)
* Haiku for adults (18 years and over)
* Haiku for juniors (17 years or younger)

Further details can be found here.
The Awakened One – submission invitation

With only one week to go the editors are looking for contemporary haiku, published or unpublished, which are Buddha-themed, haiku which may or may not mention the Buddha specifically, but which are infused with the spirit of Buddhism, Zen Buddhism or any other school of Buddhism such as Pure Land Buddhism, Celtic Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism and so on. The meditative spirit is universal and Buddhist self-effacement and egolessness can be found in other traditions as well, such as Daoist, Christian, Sufi etc. Haiku that are influenced by Buddhist-like teachings and practices will also be considered. Maximum of 6 haiku to be submitted to the editors before Buddha’s birthday, May 8th and a brief biography, not more than 200 words. English translations required of haiku submitted in languages other than English. Please kindly share the Call for Submissions with like-minded haijin. For more information.
WA Poets Inc, Creatrix Haiku

Readers are reminded that submissions for the next issue of Creatrix closes on May 10. Details on guidelines can be found here.
Haiga Showcase

Ron. C. Moss has been appointed Haiga editor for Contemporary Haibun Online. You might like to treat yourself to this spectacular collection of haiga by him.

You might also like to view Imperfections, a YouTube presentation of haiku by Ron C. Moss with Japanese translations by Yoji Hashimoto to the images of the renown wildlife photographer Martin Hawes. Highly recommended
Martin Lucas Haiku Award 2019

Congratulations to Leonie Bingham for First Prize with:

single note
of a banjo frog …
starlit night

Leonie Bingham

Gregory Piko received a Highly commended with:

spring melt
the neck of a swan
from the mountains

Gregory Piko

All selected works and judge’s comments can be accessed at this link.
The Haiku Foundation Touchstone Awards

Congratulations to Leanne Mumford for being selected for a Touchstone Award for Individual Poems with:

wind song
between boulders –
ochre handprints

Leanne Mumford,
Echidna Tracks Issue 2, 2019

Commentary from the panel can be read here.
Congratulations to Ron C. Moss who is the recipient of a Touchstone Distinguished Books Honorable Mention for 2019 for his volume Broken Starfish.

Commentary from the panel can be read here.


Sharpening the Green Pencil 2020

Congratulations to Louise Hopewell for her Commendation with:

asked to give
yet another eulogy
biting wind

Louise Hopewell

Other results and judges comments for this contest can be found here.

Snapshot Press Calendar

Congratulations to Marietta McGregor (x2) and  Vanessa Proctor for being selected as Runners-up in the Snapshot Press Haiku Calendar Competition 2020. Results for this and previous years can be downloaded here as a PDF.  Ordering details can be found on the Snapshot Press website.

HPNC Rengay Competition

Congratulations to Lorraine Haig and Kristen Lang for their third place in the annual rengay competition run by the Haiku Poets of Northern California.

International Haiku Poetry Day Zoom Meeting

Among the sudden explosion of virtual meetings around the globe you might enjoy this meeting on Zoom of a number of international haiku poets including a couple of Aussies, each reading one of their favorite haiku and each making some comments about it. It is interesting to put faces to some of these names and to hear their voices.


The best artists know what to leave out. They know how much of the support should show through as the pigment is applied, what details aren’t necessary.

Charles de Lint
(Dream Harder, Dream True, The Ivory and the Horn, 1996)


Members’ news compiled by Simon Hanson

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