Members’ News May 2020

AHS Winter Haiga Kukai

The Australian Haiku Society will be holding a Haiga Kukai for the Winter Solstice occurring this year in Australia on the 21st June. Once again Ron Moss has generously provided two images which will be displayed on the AHS website around the time of the solstice and poets will be invited to submit one previously unpublished haiku inspired by each image. Ron will then select the winning haiku which will be displayed on the AHS website. More details will be posted to this site soon.

Echidna Tracks

Echidna Tracks Issue 5: Open Theme begins today. A haiku will be published each day until the issue is complete. You can follow the website to receive a notification as each haiku is posted. Enjoy

Groups and Gatherings

It wasn’t that long ago that people talking to each other on screens was sci-fiction (I remember Star Trek well) and now here we are with so many around the globe meeting on Zoom as well finding other ingenious ways to circumvent ‘social distancing’. Click on the links below to catch up on the latest from our regional groups.

Bindii and here

Illawong Haiku Group


White Pebbles Haiku Group


Haiku @ The Oaks

Fringe Myrtles



The latest collaboration of haiku by Ron C. Moss and images by Tasmanian wilderness photographer Martin Hawes is now available at this link.

. . . . . shading pencil lines
like my father taught me . . .
. . . . . . . . . . summer clouds

Ron C. Moss


The Haiku Foundation June Per Diem

A new Per Diem poem appears every day at the top right of The Haiku Foundation home page. Each poem is part of  a monthly themed collection gathered by a guest editor. Gregory Piko is guest editor for June and the haiku will address the theme of Sunset. Gregory has written a short introduction which will also appear on a link on THF home page at the beginning of June. This selection will feature poets from Australia and around the world.

First VSANA Haiku contest (Viewing Stone Association of North America)

2nd prize

what I see is good
but what I feel is better
I am now happy

Nigel Atkinson



shared stories
the peaks and valleys
bring us closer

Jane Williams


accepting life is filled
with darkness and light

Barbara Taylor

All results to this competition can be found here


Betty Drevniok Award 2020

Honourable mention

spring cleaning
finding her scent
in the unfinished scarf

Mark Miller

All results to this competition can be found here


The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke.

Jerzy Kosinski
(Passing By. New York: Grove, 1991)


Members’ News compiled by Simon Hanson

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