Bombora (North Brisbane) Haiku Group Winter Meeting

Hello to everyone. I extend winter good wishes to you all and hope you are well.

Bombora group is thriving (despite my inexperience) as none of the members are short on enthusiasm. Every meeting is a happy one, with lots of haiku being discussed and analysed. We aim to vary the meetings and our most recent meeting saw us all in a nearby park.

This required careful consideration as we have two wheelchairs to cater for, including my own; I actually got bogged in mud  this week! Though we have monthly meetings, I also like to contact the members at least once a week usually offering each member an individual challenge, something like; ‘find inspiration in your backyard and write a haiku on insects.’ These challenges generally prompt lots of questions—a positive sign. We take many of our cues from the work of Jane Reichhold.

Earlier we had meetings on Zoom which turned out to be a lot of fun. Though only a temporary solution, it did allow us to catch up briefly during the week which I thought was important for maintaining interest in the group. I believe it did.

We have seven members in our group now, all very active.

Bombora Winter 2020

Anyone and everyone is most welcome to join us—you can call me on 0466 334 643, or Dawn on 3385 9806.

Gayle (Giddy) Neilsen-Sweep

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