Members’ News August 2020

Spring Equinox Haiku String

The signs of spring are most definitely all around—in the greater frequency of sunnier days, in the plants and trees and in the activities of a whole range of insects, animals and birds. The Spring Equinox falls on September 22nd in the Southern Hemisphere this year and to celebrate, the Australian Haiku Society will host a Haiku String on and around that date. Everyone is invited to participate and we look forward to your offerings. A submission form will be made available on the website at the time of the equinox. More information will be posted to the website soon including the announcement of a theme.

Water lily simon Hanson
Photo by Simon Hanson


NZPS Haiku Contest 2020

Congratulations to all entrants and those selected in this year’s New Zealand Poetry Society Haiku Contest including a Highly Commended to Vanessa Proctor and a Commendation to Laurel Astle:

strip lighting
the arthritic hands
of the waitress

Vanessa Proctor


intercity bus
passengers falling in
and out of language

Laurel Astle

Selected poets and judge’s comments can be found


Groups and Gathering





Creatrix Haiku

For your diary:
Deadlines for submissions to Creatrix Haiku WA Poets Inc. is midnight (Perth, Western Australia time) on the following dates:

10th February for the March issue
10th May for the June issue
10th August for the September issue
10th November for the December issue

More details can be found on Creatrix website

It is a fairly slim Members’ News this month, though I’m sure there has been much happening in the many creative spaces around the country. Please feel free to send in items that may be of interest to our readers anytime.

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