Bindii Report Zoom meeting, January 2021

On Sunday January 24 six of us again attended a Zoom meeting: Julia Wakefield, Steve Wigg, Maeve Archibald, Stella Damarjati, Lynette Arden and Coral Carter.

We once more attempted a renku, this time led by Steve. We’d previously tried a Winter Junicho renku with Lynette as our Renku master. Steve had extensively studied Carley’s Renku Reckoner over the Christmas break and he challenged us with a twelve verse Summer Junicho.

We had to leave the renku unfinished after 2.5 hours, and will complete the last three verses by email correspondence.  It was decided that everyone should attempt every verse and we would choose the best fit. As we discussed the appropriateness of each submission we became more and more conscious of the subtlety of the rules. It resembled a game of verbal gymnastics, where we attempted to find links while avoiding other accidental allusions to previous verses. We trod a fine line between providing variety or surprise and descending into nonsense or cliches.

Steve has now sent us a summary of what Carley considers the most important rules to consider when composing a renku, and hopefully that will help us to become not only more efficient with this exercise but also a whole lot faster!

Our next Zoom meeting will be at 3pm on Sunday Feb 28. We will bring haibun that we have composed during the month.

                              Julia Wakefield

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