Facebook Ban – What it means for the AHS

The Australian Haiku Society’s Facebook page has unfortunately been caught up in Facebook’s ban on all news sites in Australia.

In short, Facebook has classified the AHS website as a news site, which means it is no longer possible to share information from the AHS website on Facebook. This is a shame because Facebook was a great platform to share information about events, competitions and other matters of interest for haiku followers all around the country and the world.

This may not be a permanent arrangement, as Facebook is reportedly coming back to the negotiating table to discuss some of the ‘unintended’ consequences of the ban. But for now, me must operate within this newly confined space.

We are currently looking into other social media platforms that will help to support the AHS. In the meantime, if you want to stay up to date on all matters relating to the AHS, I urge you to register on our website. It’s free!! Just click the ‘Follow Australian Haiku Society’ link near the top right hand corner of the homepage and you will be automatically updated by email on all news, events and all things AHS.

Rob Scott.

President, AHS.

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