Bombora Summer Meeting

Our small BOMBORA group had a most enjoyable Christmas luncheon at a local tavern in mid December.  Discussion varied from our haiku learning journey to how great it was to be able to actually all go out to lunch together after all the difficulties of 2020.  Thankfully we are all fit and well.

We then had our first meeting of the year late last month in air conditioned comfort at Gayle’s house, deciding against a meeting in the park in hot, humid Brisbane weather. Present were Gayle, Dawn, Yvonne, Melody and Suzie, and we welcomed new member Geoff.

We had fun discussing our haiku with the month’s prompt “hobbies”, and introducing Geoff to haiku poetry.  And we all decided that February’s prompt “icicles” should produce some very interesting results.  Since we are all very much amateurs in the haiku world, Gayle works hard trying to explain the intricacies of haiku and senryu to us and encouraging us to think outside the square.

Gayle congratulated Melody and Dawn on their first published haiku, both making it into the autumn Poetry Pea Journal.

There was also a discussion on some different venues for future Bombora meetings, with the Japanese Gardens at Brisbane’s Botanical Gardens a popular choice.

An enjoyable and enlightening meeting, and we look forward to the next later this month.

Dawn Toomey

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