Fringe Myrtles Haiku Meeting, February 2021

The Fringe Myrtles welcomed the new year at our first meeting for 2021 held on the last day of February. It was hoped that the group could meet face-to-face for the first time in almost a year, but due to the recent, sudden and unexpected lockdown, we were once again forced indoors. Fingers-crossed, we can be in each other’s physical company soon.

The meeting began with Myron Lysenko’s presentation on haibun held over from our previous gathering. Prior to the meeting, Myron distributed a handout containing some contemporary musings about the form and a selection of haibun illustrating its wide variety of styles.

Myron’s presentation inspired an enjoyable discussion which gave all Fringe Myrtles the opportunity to share their thoughts, ideas, and in some cases, examples of haibun. Much of the discussion centred around the characteristics of haibun and its ‘haiku-like’ prose style. Michael Dylan Welch (whose essay ‘Definitions of Light’ was sourced by Myron in putting together his excellent handout) contributed to this by introducing the group to the intriguing Buddhist concept of fusoku furi – unattached yet undetached. It was another reminder of the importance of the economy of language which gives haiku and its associated forms such rich layers of meaning.

The theme for the haiku shared at the meeting was summer butterfly which included the following from Alice Wanderer.

on the noon steps
mica dust

Alice Wanderer

Our next meeting will be 11th April – hopefully face-to-face.

Rob Scott – Convenor

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