Members’ News, May 2021

Golden jelly cones, Guepiniopsis alpina (fungi) Tasmania: photo by Simon Hanson

Welcome to our May Members’ Newsletter; can you believe it, June already. This is a fairly thin edition and I am bound to have missed some of the many happenings that have occurred over the last month (my apologies). Please feel free to send us any potentially newsworthy items, I know there is a lot of interesting stuff going on out there that we don’t always hear about.

Groups and Gatherings

To catch up on the latest happenings in some of our regional groups click on the links below.



Fringe Myrtles

Echidna Tracks

The latest issue of Echidna Tracks # 7 on the theme of Light & Colour is now up and running. The editors wish to express their gratitude to everyone who offered material for consideration, we have been overwhelmed by the quality of work received – thank you.

If you wish to receive a haiku per day by email as the issue unfolds over the coming months simply go to the website and enter your details in the “Subscribe to Blog via Email” at the bottom of the main page.

Lynette Arden
Simon Hanson
Gavin Austin

This issue of Echidna Tracks is dedicated to Andrew John Reeves, 1950 -2021

Windfall: Australian Haiku

Submissions to Windfall: Australian Haiku, edited by Beverley George and printed & published by Peter Macrow, will be open for the 10th and final issue throughout July 2021. More details will be posted to this site soon.

Windfall publishes fine examples of contemporary Australian haiku.

Creatrix Haiku

For your diary please note the following submission deadlines for the online Western Australian journal Creatrix

  • 10th February for the March issue
  • 10th May for the June issue
  • 10th August for the September issue
  • 10th November for the December issue

Ceramics and Haiku

For something quite different and as another example of the creative fertility of merging different art forms Ron Moss has made this video celebrating the work of 19 ceramic artists alongside 20 haiku. Enjoy…

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.
Pablo Picasso

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