Bombora Gathering, July 2021

Our small Bombora group was very lucky to get together the last week in July, just beating another COVID lockdown by a few days.

Once again our venue was indoors; a meeting in the park had been suggested, but a spate of chilly Brisbane weather put paid to that idea – maybe in September.  So Dawn, Yvonne, Melody, Suzie and Noela all met in Gayle’s lounge again, with Gayle’s husband Peter providing welcome coffees. Gayle has had us on our toes with some very different monthly challenges –

“a stranger’s wedding” was for June, and “the sleep of babies” was the July subject.  We had also been given separate challenges, and had fun reading them out.

However we all decided it was time we gave Gayle some challenges and she now has a few to work with.  Dawn also showed the group several of her photos of pelicans taken on a recent stay at the Sunshine Coast with haiku inserted in each one by Gayle.  She had been quick to rise to that challenge and her haiku were great.

After a very happy, chatty morning we left with the August challenge “hints of change”, along with something new to us all – a renku, which will go from one of us to the next, each adding a different verse or line.

Gayle always comes up with something for us to think about.

Report by Dawn Toomey

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