Haiku @ The Oaks, Canberra

Tuesday,14 December 2021

The end of the year already, and what a year! Despite all, it was such joy to welcome each other again as we gathered beneath the bird-squawking trees at The Oaks–Hazel Hall, Marietta McGregor, Gregory Piko, Glenys Ferguson, and Jan Dobb. We missed Kathy Kituai who could not be with us but who was much in our thoughts.

During our relaxed conversations of haiku and life, which seemed appropriate for an end-of-year gathering, little gifts and greetings were exchanged across the table to express our appreciation of the bonding we’ve come to experience. Friendship in haiku is certainly something special.

Then came the big highlight of the day!

For a few months, Hazel and Kathy have been beavering away as editors of a Haiku @ The Oaks anthology, a project we had all agreed would be an exciting venture for our little group. Now, we watched as Hazel unwrapped a big parcel she had brought and there on the table was the finished product-copies from Picaro Press – just in time for Christmas! Our delight was palpable as we leafed through The Ink Sinks Deeper (title from one of Greg’s haiku), our oohs and aahs competing with the chorus of birds. Included are contributions from Sheila Sondik, our American ‘honorary member’ who has joined us occasionally during family visits to Canberra. Enhancing the presentation is some delightful ‘oaks’ artwork by local artist Cheryl Jobsz. Thank you, Cheryl. And thank you Hazel and Kathy.

Until next year. . .

Jan Dobb

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