Illawong Haiku Group Summer Ginko

Illawong Haiku Group held their Christmas gathering on Wednesday 8th December at the home of member, Alison Miller. Along the streetscape her house was not dissimilar to neighbouring homes until you walked through the gate. Aside from two small grassed areas in the front and backyard it was like entering a botanical oasis in suburbia. An abundance of colour, shapes and textures.

Alison is an accomplished poet and writer and I called it ‘The Writer’s Garden’ as there was something for the five senses. Sight – all the colours of the poppy garden, Sound – bees buzzing, Smell – the delicate perfume of scented geraniums, Touch – spikes on the Aloe Vera and Taste – Blueberries. The sense of emotion was there  too as many of us were stirred by the sight of a reminiscent bloom.

We were treated to a ginko walk hosted by Alison’s husband Richard and daughter Leah (the gardeners). With their extensive plant knowledge they were able to respond to all our questions. It wasn’t long before the page in my notebook listing the plants I identified was full.

L to R: Patricia Meredith, Alison Miller, Carol Reynolds, Margaret Mahony, Rita Potente & Ros Pitt

We did not venture into botanical names for the various species preferring to use those more familiar – chain of hearts, donkey tails, crown of thorns, pitcher plant and  Venus fly trap are examples.

We enjoyed some Christmas goodies for morning tea and lunch and exchanged small gifts. In parting we agreed it had been one of the most inspirational meetings for our haiku writing. I have included a few haiku for your enjoyment.

spiny cacti
velvet poppies
strange bedfellows

Rita Potente

catch my eye
old favourite

Margaret Mahony

a memory
fuchsias and forget-me-nots
on my wedding cake

Carol Reynolds

We Wish the Australian Haiku Community Best Wishes for the Festive Season

Carol Reynolds

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