Bindii Meeting report for October 15, 2022

Lyn, Steve, Stella and Julia met (Maeve sent her apologies) to discuss the Haiku Down Under online conference, which some of us attended. Those who got to it said it was very worthwhile. Those who couldn’t get there were able to download some pdfs, which proved useful discussion points.

Of particular interest was the session on wabi sabi, ‘Joy in the Ordinary’, by Marietta McGregor. Steve has said he would like to give a presentation on this topic at a future meeting, and Lyn also would be interested in contributing. The presentation, ‘Haiku on Steroids’ by Michael Dylan Welch provoked further discussion. We analysed some of our recent haiku according to whether they were breaking the rules or not, and whether it mattered. We then agreed to attempt some haiku using one or more of the radical approaches suggested by Welch, for reviewing at the next meeting. We are also intending to try a spontaneous haiku writing session on the day, using a ‘Haiku on Steroids’ approach. In addition, there is the option to bring along some haiku/senryu to critique before submitting them to the Australian Haiku Society Fourth Haiku Anthology.

We set a tentative date for the last meeting of the year: November 26, 3pm. We hope that Maureen Sexton will be able to join us then. Perhaps we can cover the wabi sabi topic in the New Year.

Julia Wakefield

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