Report on the first Gadigal Ginko

23rd March 2023

Nine poets gathered at Sydney Park, St Peters, on a warm and sunny Thursday morning for the first ever Gadigal Ginko. Following brief introductions, we dispersed in different directions in search of haiku moments. Sydney park offered us a series of linked ponds, shady groves, open lawns, plenty of bird and insect-life, and even some autumn flowers. There were also many opportunities for dog- and people-watching, as well as plane-spotting. With rain forecast, we were fortunate that the good weather held for the whole time.

After about 45 minutes of ginko, we re-gathered to share some of the draft poems we had each composed. One by one each of us read out a few poems and received some brief feedback. The raw poems explored a variety of encounters, observations and sensations. Two hours after we all first met we parted company, with dark clouds starting to gather to the west, beyond the old brick chimneys. I believe everyone came away from the gathering with a swag of new poems to polish.

kangaroo grass
waves in the autumn breeze—
ginko gathering
Leanne Mumford

It was lovely to put faces to names and to have the fellowship of other poets. I’m very grateful to the eight who helped make Gadigal Ginko a reality: Gavin Austin, Gwen Bitti, Susan Grant, Therese Lew, Margaret Mahony, Carol Reynolds and Tom Staudt.

I will be organising a second Gadigal Ginko towards the end of May. Stay tuned over the coming weeks for details.
Leanne Mumford
Gadigal Ginko convenor

Author: leanneausthaiku

Secretary, Australian Haiku Society

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