Report on Bindii Meeting April 2023

On 15 April 2023 Stella, Lynette, Steve, Subha, Maeve, and I met for our usual Zoom meeting. We received apologies from Maureen and Kaarin.

We workshopped a few of our own haiku both for the AHS meeting on 17 April and on the topic of childhood. Lyn drew our attention to the ‘movie technique’ in haiku, which moves the reader from a long shot in the first line to a close-up in the third line.

Some of us were able to attend the AHS meeting, and there was a discussion at the end on the idea of different groups meeting up on Zoom. We said we were open as a group to having visitors from other groups at our meetings.

The next Zoom meeting will be on Saturday, June 17 at 3pm. 

We will bring some haiku of our own for workshopping, perhaps with some experiments in movie technique. Lyn will give us a short presentation about the grammatical structure of haiku and how you can understand what you have written and also look at ways to improve the strength of the haiku.

 Julia Wakefield 

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