Autumn Ginko Paperbark (WA)

May 2023

We had a bit of a hiccough to start the autumn ginko at Elizabeth quay in the Boorloo (Perth CBD) on the banks of the Derbal Yirrigan (Swan River), as the café we intended to meet in was not open until 11.30am, but our meeting time was 10am. Fortunately, Barry Sanbrook had scouted around and found a second café. Our wonky start did not blight our meeting, as we had ten attendees, including two new members, who found their way to us after a workshop they had been intending to attend was cancelled. We had one of the best meetings in terms of attendance and are thrilled to welcome newcomers.

Photo: Candy Gordon

During our coffee we read and discussed several examples of one-line haiku, the second most practiced form of haiku in English today, including Marietta McGregor’s poem that gained an Honourable Mention in the John Bird competition 2023. We decided to have a go at writing one-liners.

It was rainy and grey, unusual for Boorloo (Perth). Recalling that the haiku masters of old would not have been deterred by the weather, we ventured outdoors to write haiku for half an hour or so, returning to share our one-liners and thoughts.

raindrops      soggy leaves      wet eyelashes
Pat Johnson  

tiny pink bells festoon the correa     tinkling in the rain
Rita Tognini

traveller’s palm years since I saw you
Rose van Son

boardwalk seagulls ripple in the wind
Candy Gordon

the depth of this river so many stories
Liz Nicholls

shelter—the statue has an umbrella
Barry Sanbrook

cold rain tropical plants crowd together
Coral Carter

pillars in pointy-white hats mark edges
Angela Aris

my words drizzle down
Ruari Jack
Photo of the group in a cafe
L to R: Barry Sanbrook, Rose van Son, Coral Carter, Angela Aris, Ruari Jack, Pat Johnson, Candy Gordon, Liz Nicholls, Rita Tognini

Author: leanneausthaiku

Secretary, Australian Haiku Society

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