Cloudcatchers Ginko No. 69

DATE: Tuesday 23 May 2023 (autumn)
PLACE: Pop Denison Park, Ballina NSW

It was a perfect autumn day for the Cloudcatchers’ sixty-ninth ginko. The venue was Pop Denison Park, recently revamped, at Shaw’s Bay, Ballina. The new amenities include numerous structures for kiddies’ exploration, and there were many little ones there, with their adults, enjoying the thrill of adventure, while their minders revelled in the warmth of autumn sun. Not a cloud in the sky, as we explored pathways through the littoral forest.

Bird life, both landlocked and marine, enhanced the environs with swoops and calls, while occasional fish breaking the water in the estuary provided an extra spectacle to our recorded observations.

After the ‘meet-and-greet’, and a sharing of recently published haiku, a silence was maintained for forty-five minutes, during which we observed and wrote. We read our first drafts around a picnic table before moving on to Shaw’s Bay Hotel for lunch together. A Round Robin is underway.

Photograph (below) taken at Pop Denison Park, Shaw’s Bay, Ballina
Tuesday, 23 May 2023

Group photo
L to R: Angela Smith (Byron Bay), Helen Davison (Lismore), Quendryth Young (Alstonville), Nathalie Buckland (Lismore), Robbie Braithwaite (Tregeagle), Norma Watts (Ballina).

Author: leanneausthaiku

Secretary, Australian Haiku Society

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