Bindii Japanese Genre Poetry Group Meeting 6 August 2016

Our meeting started at 12.30 pm, in our usual venue of the Box Factory. Lee Bentley led the group for a session on renku, starting with an outline of the history of renku and then talking about some of the principles of renku writing, chiefly link and shift.

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Report on Bindii Meeting 4 June

Bindii Japanese Genre Poetry Group met on Saturday 4th June 2016 from 12 to 2pm at the Box Factory.

Present: Members Sara Abend-Sims, Lyn Arden, Lee Bentley, Dawn Colsey, Margaret Dingle, Julia Wakefield-Houghton.
Welcome: to new prospective member Pauline Smith.

Informal presentations on the subject of haibun were made by Lyn and Julia. We all read out haibun from examples found in various publications by members, and then workshopped some by Sara, Julia, Lyn, and haiku by Pauline, Margaret and Dawn.

The meeting closed at 2pm.
Next meeting: Saturday 6th August at 12 for 12.30.

Report by Dawn Colsey


Bindii at Halifax Cafe 11 February

An Evening of Poetry and Music: Bindii readers at Halifax Café, 11 February 2016

On Thursday, 11 February, I spent an evening at the Halifax Café with a large and enthusiastic audience for the ten Bindii poets who read their work. We were also fortunate to have musicians Munetaka Umehara and Alexander Ask performing A Midsummer Walk, their original work for Japanese flute and didgeridoo.

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Bindii February Meeting

Ten Bindii members met at The Box Factory for a workshop by Julia Wakefield on ‘What Makes a Good Haiku’. Julia presented a thoroughly researched workshop, looking at examples of haiku that have been critically acclaimed, and members discussed what made them ‘good haiku’. Julia focused not only on three-line haiku, but had plentiful examples of one-line haiku and also some four-line haiku. It was interesting for members to discuss the impact of the format of these haiku and why the author had chosen that particular format, instead of sticking to the more usual three line.

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Bindii 2 October 2015 Spring Ginko

On Saturday 3 October 2015, a beautiful sunshiny day, although a little warmer than expected, seven members of Bindii group left the Box Factory at noon to take the brief walk through back streets to Himeji Gardens.

Lee Bentley, the group leader for the ginko, advised members to scatter through the garden and meet at the entrance half an hour later. The temperature was noticeably cooler in the gardens, with the water and greenery no doubt helping to keep the temperature down. Members strolled, taking notes and photos, or perched on rocks or seats to take in the peace and quiet. Even though other visitors were there, people seemed to appreciate that this was a place for quiet contemplation.
We then returned to the Box Factory for lunch and a workshop of the many haiku that had been written on the ginko.

Lynette Arden

Bindii 6 June 2015

Review of Willow Light by Patricia Prime  and Bindii Meeting 6 June 2015

A review of our latest Journal: Haiku Bindii Vol 2 Willow Light by Patricia Prime has been published on the HaikuOz website.

PDF file of review: Review of Willow Light by Patricia Prime

Nine members and guests met at the Box Factory for Karin Anderson’s talk onhas early love tanka, from as far back as ninth century Ise Monogatari. Karin then discussed kyoka, the humorous equivalent of the tanka form, also with examples.

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