The Whole Body Singing – Produced by Dragonwick. 90 pages.
Available from the author: 5 Cedar Court, Alstonville, NSW, 2477. $15 plus $2 P&P.

These are haiku of celebration and honest recording in which elements of the diverse environment of coastal, northern New South Wales are given their full due. Respect for the genre’s tradition is evident in these honed observations but their ambience is local and their time is now. The Whole Body Singing makes a valid contribution to the development of English-language haiku written in the southern hemisphere.

Beverley George
President: Australian Haiku Society

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January 2007


Oil Slick Sun: haiku

Oil Slick Sun: haiku
by Peter Macrow

ISBN 0 9578436 7 4
published by Pardalote Press
125 x 180 mm, 64pp, colour cover, paperback, perfect bound
Price: $AU 18.50

Peter’s poems have a soft resonance of resignation, a quiet recognition of the beauty of things past, and pointing to the aesthetics of death in a secularly spiritual way, which perhaps the ancient masters could only do through a Buddhist veil. Maria Flutsch, University of Tasmania

oil slick sun is a fascinating text, not afraid of “difficulty” but not seeming to indulge in it for its own sake. A fluid sense of time, place, individual and family generates complexes of meaning and feeling with which most readers will be able to empathise. Macrow’s use of a briefer line in his haiku than the traditional 5/7/5 syllable form, his ability to use the structure in a very accomplished and thorough way and to challenge and subvert orthodox beliefs about the process and purpose of haiku, makes for thought-provoking reading. Patricia Prime, Stylus

JANUARY 10, 2007

Jodie Hawthorne’s haiku collection

Watching pilgrims watching me: haiku from Shangri-la Deqen Tibetan Region
by Jodie Hawthorne
ISBN 0 9578436 8 2
published by Pardalote Press
125 x 180 mm, 64pp, colour cover, paperback, perfect bound
Price: $AU 18.50

‘a book of gentle grace’ – Christopher Bantick, The Sunday Tasmanian

Deqen’s landscape evokes a sense of calm and healing that provides a perfect environment for artistic expression. These qualities, combined with the constant challenges, paradoxes and inconsistencies, brought into being the haiku moments of this collection.

just mountains
and people who love them

May 07, 2006

Temples of Angkor – Vanessa Proctor

Temples of Angkor – The chapbook is published by Sunline Press, 2003. ISBN: 0957951531 Haiku inspired by a visit to Angkor Wat in Cambodia. 8 pages. $5.00 (includes postage within Australia). Available from publisher Sunline Press.


Members’ Publications – Janice Bostok


  • Banana Leaves – Privately Printed. Australia, 1972. Early Haiku. No longer available.
  • Walking Into The Sun – Shelters Press, USA, 1974. Haiku and tanka. No longer available.
  • Hearing The Wind – Privately Printed. Australia, 1976. Haiku. No longer available
  • On Sparse Brush – Makar Gargoyle Poets Series, UQP, Brisbane, Australia, 1978. ISBN O 909353 23 5 Free verse and haiku. No longer available.
  • Silver Path of Moon – PostPressed, Brisbane, Australia, 1996. 1996 ISBN 0 656 29477 6. Five erotic haibun. Available from PostPressed.
  • Still Waters – EarthDance, Cape Patterson, Australia, 1996. Haiku and artwork (by Cornelis Vleeskens) Available from author. $5.
  • The Farmer Tends His Land – Tiny Poems Press, Enfield, USA, 1997. A solo renga. No longer available..
  • Shadow-Patches – Hallard Press, Auckland, New Zealand, 1998. ISBN 0-86477-045-6. Haibun by Janice M. Bostok, Catherine Mair and Bernard Gadd. No longer available..
  • A Splash of Sunlight – Privately Printed, Australia, 1998. ISBN 0 9597523 2 3. Haiku. Available from the author. $7.
  • Dimmed The Mystery – Snapshot Press, England, 2000. ISBN 0 9526773 2 6. Tanka. Available from the publisher — see their website.
  • Reaching Out From Dreaming – Privately Printed. Australia, 2001. Tanka. Available from the author. $5.
  • Amongst the Graffiti – Printed by Post Pressed, 31 Allara St, Flaxton, Qld 4560 ISBN 1 87668246 9. Haiku. 104pp. Available from publisher. AU$20.00 + AU$3.00 in Australian (see site for overseas prices) see publisher’s introduction
  • Songs Once Sung – Available from PostPressed
  • Two Thirds of Why – Impressed Publishing. Available from the author.

Members’ Publications – Lyn Reeves

  • Speaking with Ghosts – Ginninderra Press, 2002. 68 pages. ISBN 1 74027 144 0. Price $18 plus $4 p&p within Australia Available from the publisher:- PO Box 53, Charnwood, ACT 2615 Publisher’s Order Form
  • Walking the Tideline – Pardalote Press, 2001. 52 pages. ISBN 0 9578436 0 7. Price $12 (includes postage within Australia) Available from  44 Bayside Drive, Lauderdale, Tasmania 7021

Members’ Publications – Graham Nunn

Contact Graham at:

  • a zen firecracker: selected haiku – Impressed Publishing, 50 Baynes St. Highgate Hill, Brisbane, Queensland, 4101. ISBN 0-9751618-1-4; illustrated by Rowan Donovan, with an introduction by Janice M. Bostok. Available from Impressed by emailing David Weekes – -or- by emailing the author.