2014 World Haiku Competition Results

Results of 2014 World Haiku Competition include Australian Poets Carole Harrison and Cynthia Rowe, awarded First Place and Honourable Mention respectively.

1st Place Grand Prize Winner!

cicada dusk . . .
pine needles threading me
the moon

by Carole Harrison (Australia)

2nd Place

a monarch
folds into silence…
budding petals

by Chen-ou Liu

3rd Place

last breath
of the last dinosaur
in tar pit bubbles

by Jackie Maugh Robinson

Honourable Mentions

hot soup
my tongue screams
I wait

by Patricia Cyr

walking barefoot
in wet sand
low breakers erase me

by Jackie Maugh Robinson

memorial garden …
the shadowy gleam
of a ghost orchid

by Cynthia Rowe

moth wings
the folding and unfolding
of laundry

by Tracy Davidson

the cherry blossom
they’ll never see again…

by Tracy Davidson

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