Following are the 2014 Annual Moon Viewing Haiku Contest 3 prize winning and 10 honorable mention haiku, which include haiku by Australian poet Cynthia Rowe.

First Prize:

full moon
the baby turns
under her hand

Vera Constantineau, Canada

Second Prize:

Two in the morning –
faithful to our rendez-vous
the fox and the moon

Josette Pellet, Switzerland

Third Prize:

no more chemo
through the thin curtain
the blood moon

Florin Florian, Romania

Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order):

leaf falling moon
happy for now
to lose count

Helen Buckingham, Great Britain

autumn evening
a full moon
lights the silence

Anne LB Davidson, USA

cloudy autumn sky
the full moon stays
on the calendar

Gérard Dumon, France

snatching colour
from the blood moon…
fields of pumpkins

Kirsty Karkow, USA

the glow
from leaf-pile embers…
blood moon

Catherine Lee, USA

even the stars
no longer…
harvest moon

Cynthia Rowe, Australia

Red moon
My eyes finally see
Your shadow

Sneha Sundaram, India

moon viewing –
a shine in each
rice dumpling

Andre Surridge, New Zealand

hunter’s moon
a werewolf growls in
nani’s stories

*Nani-maternal grandmother in Hindi*

Jhanvi Tiwari, India

clear night on the street
in the puddle proudly stands
first dog on the moon

Gašper Trček, Slovenia

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