Bindii 6 June 2015

Review of Willow Light by Patricia Prime  and Bindii Meeting 6 June 2015

A review of our latest Journal: Haiku Bindii Vol 2 Willow Light by Patricia Prime has been published on the HaikuOz website.

PDF file of review: Review of Willow Light by Patricia Prime

Nine members and guests met at the Box Factory for Karin Anderson’s talk onhas early love tanka, from as far back as ninth century Ise Monogatari. Karin then discussed kyoka, the humorous equivalent of the tanka form, also with examples.

Some examples were modern compositions published on the Prune Juice website.

Karin also prepared an informative handout for members. Our thanks to Karin for her well researched and well delivered presentation.
Lyn Arden presented some material on the early forms of katauta, sedoka and mondo, also with examples from current literature.
After the presentation, group members workshopped their Japanese genre poetry, mainly haiku and tanka.

Group Meeting Program for the remainder of 2015:
1 August: Lyn Arden: How to write haiku ̶ common techniques. This will be a workshop meeting where we will look at techniques, discuss them and try some of them out. Contrary to popular belief, there are well-known techniques that can lead to the writing of interesting haiku. There will be a handout. Please also bring any of your work for workshopping.
3 October: a ginko in Himeji Gardens has been suggested, as the weather should be warmer by then. We would meet at the Box Factory and then take a short walk to the gardens. The hoped for outcome would be a group of haiku that we could publish together as a result of the ginko. i.e. not a haiku sequence, but associated haiku. Our anthology Willow Light did not contain any collaborative work.
Lee Bentley also mentioned the possibility of some group members getting together to write some collaborative work, as we haven’t concentrated on that for a while.
5 December: Christmas meeting – format to be decided.

End of meeting: 2 pm.
Lyn Arden 6 Jun. 15

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