Bindii 2 October 2015 Spring Ginko

On Saturday 3 October 2015, a beautiful sunshiny day, although a little warmer than expected, seven members of Bindii group left the Box Factory at noon to take the brief walk through back streets to Himeji Gardens.

Lee Bentley, the group leader for the ginko, advised members to scatter through the garden and meet at the entrance half an hour later. The temperature was noticeably cooler in the gardens, with the water and greenery no doubt helping to keep the temperature down. Members strolled, taking notes and photos, or perched on rocks or seats to take in the peace and quiet. Even though other visitors were there, people seemed to appreciate that this was a place for quiet contemplation.
We then returned to the Box Factory for lunch and a workshop of the many haiku that had been written on the ginko.

Lynette Arden

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