Jane Reichhold (1937-2016)

Many Australian haiku and tanka poets will be deeply saddened to read of the death of Jane Reichhold, an inspirational and generous scholar, translator, writer and publisher of all Japanese short forms. Jane’s death was reported on AHA, the haiku and other forms forum she founded in 2006. The announcement was made there on August 5th, though it appears she may have died a week ago. Her contribution in this field has been enormous and she will be very greatly missed. There are many Australian haiku and tanka writers whose work she has prompted, encouraged and informed.

A brief biography can be found on Jane’s Amazon page:


A listing of the key events in her life and a partial record of her many published works is available on AHA! Poetry:


One of her instructional works available online is Haiku Techniques:


All the examples given in this primer are from her work and include the delightful:

coming home
by flower

Her loss is already being felt; however, she has left a remarkable legacy.

Jo McInerney
(Current co-moderator on the haiku forum on the AHA forums site)


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