Members’ News October, 2017

Welcome to the October news. It goes without saying that so much more has blossomed in the world of haiku over the last month than is possible to mention here; it is indeed very satisfying to catch a glimpse of a few of the many haiku happenings around Australia and on the international scene.

Thank you so much to all who sent in items to share.

Spring Equinox Haiga Kukai Results

A hearty thanks to all those who took part in our recent Haiga Kukai and a special thanks to Ron Moss who once again provided us with the benefit of his artistic flare in two splendid images as well as judging the competition.

The quality of entries was especially pleasing;

Seasonal category

First place

homecoming . . .
a bouquet of sky
in an old jar

Debbie Strange

The soft focus adds a feeling of memory and passing of time. Something new has come from the blending of haiku and image which is the hallmark of a really excellent haiga.” Ron C. Moss

Second place

learning the meaning
from the flowers

Mike Rehling

Highly Commended

she finds beauty
in the simple things . . .
azure seas

Michael H. Lester

she sets the table
to music

Nathan Sidney

early spring
on the hospital table
paper flowers

Marta Chocilowska

Non-Seasonal category

First place

silence a haunting in the archives of a sigh

Lorin Ford

This haiku fascinated me from the first reading and I found an instant connection between silence and the film equipment. Then we have the wonderful “a haunting in the archives of a sigh… splendid . . . ”  Ron C. Moss

Second place

rush hour the train station cornea by cornea

Alan Summers

Highly Commended

just married …
my grandparents’ glassy gaze
on the lens

Elisa Allo

old photos
the light of laughter
through the lens

Lorraine Haig

old photo album…
a lightning flash
before the brownout

Billy Antonio

To read the judge’s comments click on these links: Seasonal & Non-Seasonal

To revisit all the entries in both categories click here & here

Looking forward to your gems in the next Australian Haiku Society event.

AFL Grand Final Kukai

With the AFL Grand Final done and Dusted, Rob Scott has once again done a magnificent job of both organising the annual AFL Grand Final Kukai and publishing a selection and running commentary (football style) on the The Footy Almanac. Do have a visit; enjoy the action, the haiku and the humour.

Oh, weren’t the Tigers amazing!

Most importantly, you are invited to join in the fun in next year’s kukai in September 2018.

Committee Musings

 We have posted two reflections on haiku by committee members over the last month with more to come. Enjoy the thoughtful insights of Fleeting Nature by Matt Hetherington and The Mystery of Haiku by Jan Dobb.

Groups and Gatherings

Click on the links below to catch up with the latest news from some of our regional groups including Sheila Sondik’s visit to Canberra’s Haiku @ The Oaks journeying all the way from Washington.



Haiku @ The Oaks

71st Basho Memorial English Haiku Contest

Congratulations to all those selected in the contest including the Honourable Mentions to Peter Macrow and Cynthia Rowe

winter rain
small boys’ faces
pressed against the glass

Peter Macrow


changing tides
a sand crab half in
… half out

Cynthia Rowe

A PDF of the Grand prizes can be viewed here and all Honourable mentions here.

Cattails Editor’s Choice

Congratulations also to Lorin Ford for her haiku selected as Editor’s Choice in the latest issue of Cattails.  You might also like to read the Editor’s comments.

cattail fluff . . .
a very muddy fairy
waves her wand

Lorin Ford

Congratulations also to Jan Foster and Hazel Hall for their Editor’s Choice selections of tanka.

Matsuyama Photo Haiku in English Contest

Readers have until Nov. 30, to enter the Matsuyama Photo Haiku in English Contest supported by the Asahi Culture Center and The Asahi Shimbun. It’s free to enter online at this link

The end of the year is fast approaching and we wish you all the best for your creative  endeavours and inclinations over November; they enrich us all.

Looking forward to any news items you’d like to send our way.


Simon Hanson



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