AHS Winter Solstice Haiku String 2018

Welcome to The Australian Haiku Society Haiku String for  the day of the Southern Hemisphere Winter Solstice

We will keep the String open for contributions for three days to accommodate international poets who may wish to take part.

We welcome contributions from haiku poets worldwide.

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The haiku in this String will be tied together by the subject: ‘seeing the world with a child’s eyes’. There is no need for each haiku to relate to the previous haiku in the String, although we allow for response haiku for two levels below each haiku in the top-level posts in the String.

Please contribute up to three of your best haiku.

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In the spirit of creativity we encourage poets to submit new work.

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Copyright of each haiku remains with the author. We request nonexclusive permission to publish your work on AHS website and to republish it in any future online collections on the AHS website


道あるに  雪の中行く  童かな

michi aruni/ yuki no naka yuku/ warabe kana

there’s the road
yet the child walks
in the snow

Kijo Murakami (1865 – 1938)

(Translation Vanessa Proctor)

81 thoughts on “AHS Winter Solstice Haiku String 2018”

  1. early spring
    every wall
    a balance beam

    vegetable patch
    letters we wrote
    to the slugs

    the dead mouse
    we brought to breakfast

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  2. caged budgie
    the refugee child asks
    when it’ll be set free

    migrants under cardboard
    huddled over ashes —
    kids’ thumbs up and smiles

    mud and squalor —
    stretching through borders
    a toddler plucks a poppy

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  3. Judith Vance, Olympia, WA, USA

    sunflowers laughing
    friendly monarch butterflies
    garden on shoes

    wings dance in sunlight
    beaks embrace summer’s feeder
    window feline smiles

    let’s play, garden gnome
    your face is visible now
    moss removal

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