AHS Autumn Equinox Haiku String 2019

AHS invites you to share with us your original haiku about City Life. This is a wide-ranging topic. We invite you to explore a multiplicity of ideas in the String without using the words ‘city life’.

The haiku will be linked by the subject City Life. It is not necessary for each haiku to relate to the one before it.

  1. Please contribute up to three of your best haiku.
  2. Haiku should be posted in the comment box at the end of the post.
  3. Haiku posted must be original work by the poet making the post. Please include your name below each haiku as you wish it to appear.

Posting your work in the AHS Autumn Equinox Haiku String 2019 assumes the following:

Copyright of each haiku remains with the author. We request nonexclusive permission to publish your work on AHS website and to republish it in any future online collections on the AHS website.

this late in the year
summer heat . . .
distant traffic thrums

                          Ross Clark

91 thoughts on “AHS Autumn Equinox Haiku String 2019”

  1. at pollen tea room
    we gather for brunch
    soft rain

    secondhand bookstore
    greeting an old friend

    across the street
    an asian woman scurries
    with the lunch billboard

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    1. It’s a dog friendly cafe in Tasmania! Here in the U.K. I have a great cafe where on the ground floor I often get to meet all kinds of dogs, from the tiny mutts to big Belgian mastiffs, and I love it! 🙂

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  2. dawn…
    more cockatoos than cars
    in the mall carpark

    driving at dusk
    I mistake the moon
    for a streetlight

    Carol Reynolds

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