White Pebbles Winter 2020 Meeting

On the second Saturday of June (our scheduled meeting date) we caught up by email for the third time since Lockdown. Computerised catch-ups in April and May had worked well for us; kept us in touch and writing. Our regular Winter Meeting began with eight of our members writing to 6 prompts.

  1. camellias or another flower species out now that takes your fancy
  2. the sound of water —  stream/ocean/rain  any one of these
  3. a cloudy sky   perhaps use it to set a mood
  4. a bird sound – wings or call
  5. reading
  6. A topic of your choice. Surprise us!!

Taking part were Marilyn Humbert, Kent Robinson, Samantha Sirimanne Hyde, Gail Hennessy, Colleen Keating, Verna Rieschild, Gwen Bitti and Beverley George. Our 9th member, Maire Glacken, was very supportive of the plan but unforeseen circumstances intervened which prevented her taking part this time. We missed you, Maire, and if you wish, the door is open for you to still send us your six haiku at any time that suits you.

Eight of us each submitted 6 haiku. These were circulated so that seven comments could be made on every haiku. I collated this into three documents, thinking this would simplify the email traffic but one day quickly flowed to two. Forty-eight haiku and if I have done my sums correctly, three hundred and thirty-six comments concerning them were shared, as once again our White Pebbles haiku poets came to the fore with support for, and appreciation of, each other’s work.

The group’s positive feedback made it all worthwhile as we each continue our haiku journey.

Beverley George
White Pebbles haiku group

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