Members’ News June 2020

AHS Winter Solstice Haiga Kukai

Thank you to all who contributed to the Australian Haiku Society Winter Solstice Haiga Kukai and also to those who may have just dropped in to enjoy the offerings. Ron Moss is now giving the entries his careful consideration and will get back to us in due course. If you wish you can revisit those entries here for the Seasonal and Non-seasonal categories.

Windfall: Australian Haiku Submissions

A reminder to Australian haiku poets that submissions to Windfall: Australian Haiku Issue 9 is now open throughout July 2020.  Please send up to six haiku relevant to the experience of urban and rural life in Australia. Observations that celebrate landform, seasons, and our unique flora and fauna, are welcome.

For more details please see here


Creatrix Haiku

For your diary:
Deadlines for submissions to Creatrix Haiku WA Poets Inc. is midnight (Perth, Western Australia time) on the following dates:

10th February for the March issue
10th May for the June issue
10th August for the September issue
10th November for the December issue

More details can be found on Creatrix website



To Quendryth Young for:

a willow tells me more
about the wind

Quendryth Young

Selected as Editor’s Choice in the latest issue of The Heron’s Nest


Groups and Gatherings

To catch up on the latest from some of our regional groups click on the links below:

Haiku @ The Oaks



White Pebbles



Website updates

Lynette Arden has been busy streamlining the website for ease of access. The Australian Haiku History category has gone and all the items that were archived there are now to be found in in the newly created Haiku Resources page along with links to eBooks by Australian Poets, the unfolding Retrospective: The First Twenty Years, various Biographies and other valuable freely available resources you can explore at any time.


Group Leaders Meeting

On the 31st of May many regional group leaders and various AHS committee members met on Zoom to discuss a range of issues. Attendees included Rob Scott (Chair), Carol Reynolds, Lyn Reeves, Lynette Arden, Simon Hanson, Ron Moss, Rose Van Son, Maureen Sexton, Gayle Sweeper, Jan Dobb, Julia Wakefield, Matt Hetherington, Vanessa Proctor, Quendryth Young, Beverley George, Myron Lysenko and Louise Hopewell (note taker); a couple of apologies were received. For some it was their first experience with Zoom and it became apparent that people were generally pleased with the opportunity to meet ‘across country’ in a way that otherwise might not be possible. There was a general consensus to meet again at regular intervals. Some of the items up for discussion included the possibility of the AHS running an international haiku competition, thoughts around the production of a 4th Anthology of Australian Haiku (possibly in 2021), ways to increase communication between regional groups and other suggestions on promoting the enjoyment of haiku in Australia. The meeting also prompted a flurry of resource sharing  between groups via email and a couple of invitation between groups to hold meetings together on future occasions. It was nice to put names to faces and voices.


Members’ News collated by Simon Hanson

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